Cibico (Circular Biomaterial Communication) | Projects

The challenge

Landares is a festival of artistic installations in nature that is held annually in Alcalá de La Selva (Teruel) and for which signage was requested to help locate the works within the forest.

The entire concept of the festival revolves around the idea of the ephemeral, working with material found in the forest to transform it into works that little by little return to their original state as organic matter.

The challenge was to make the signage accompany this idea of the ephemeral without affecting the environment.

The solution

A collection of 14x14cm posters in different shades was created, made with cochineal pigments and a turquoise food coloring that served to highlight important places and thus facilitate the journey. The graphic image made by the Milimbo studio was laser engraved on the CIBICO biomaterial, once again showing the versatility of the system and its suitability in an environment such as the forest.