Ephemeral Architeture

The challenge

Virada Sustentável is an event that takes place in Sao Paulo to raise awareness among citizens about environmental and social problems through music, performing arts and other cultural activities.

For its 2023 edition at Villa-lobos Park, we are asked to design a decoration that sets the scene and the entrance of the festival, contributing to creating the festive spirit of the event.

The solution

We started from the idea of using biomaterials as a symbol of a sustainable solution, and to do so we designed a system of garlands made with cotton rope and biomaterials in the tones of the festival’s graphic communication.

With them, a network of pieces is created that hang over the stage spaces, providing color and movement.

To complete the setting of the main stage, a plant base is created using pruning branches collected in the area and painted with lime to create a visual filter between the public and the artists, placing them in a fictitious forest.

To make the production we had to set up a temporary Lab in a space for artistic residencies in the center of the city.