Ephemeral Architeture | Projects


The challenge

A Cel Obert is a festival of artistic installations that is held every year in Tortosa during the month of October.

The ephemeral design and architecture studio La Brida has won the competition to make an installation for the festival and contacted us because they want to make it with our biomaterials.

The idea is to produce large surfaces with transparent material of various colors to create a combination of parasols and giant kaleidoscopes with which visitors are invited to interact.

The solution

Starting from the polygonal wooden frames manufactured by La Brida using wood from recovered pallets, we create a fill for these surfaces, combining various pigments and dyes to achieve intense colors that dye the floor with their shadow.

For kaleidoscopes we developed a technique to make cuts and color fills on the surface with orderly distributed polygonal shapes. These pieces will be visually multiplied with a set of mirrors to create a kaleidoscopic effect and take visitors on a lysergic journey.

The final piece combines parasols and kaleidoscopes raised from the ground, inviting people to walk underneath and enter the playful world of color.