Reolivar at DHUB Barcelona


And so was the opening of << Remix el Barrio >> last Friday at the @museudeldisseny

“In the last 30 years, plastic production has increased by 620%. Every day in Catalonia 720,000 kg of food are thrown away.
“Remix El Barrio”, was born with the ambition of proposing a place of learning to promote new practices based on neo-craftsmanship from food waste.
The exhibition is the result of a pilot programme where several designers learn about the design of biomaterials and explore projects with food waste through artisanal techniques and digital fabrication.
Remix has become a collective that experiments with circularity, creating materials from olive and avocado pits, coffee husks, vegetable and fruit skins and restaurant waste.
They also explore collaboration, inclusivity, self-management and knowledge sharing with local actors.