Design of products
Nontalo Kids

The challenge

Did you know that Spain produces 430,000 tonnes of olive pits every year as a by-product of the olive industry? Reolivar turns this waste into raw material: we call it Extra Virgin Wood! At the beginning of the year we challenged 3 design studios to create a children’s stool with Reolivar.

The solution

After the designs of Studio Frutero and Ricardo Valbuena that were presented at the Maison et Object fair in Paris, now it’s the turn of Eneros Collective to present their stool at the Dutch Design Week. Nontalo Kids is a modular piece of furniture made from 7,500 olive pits, made 100% from Reolivar, which means it does not need screws. This facilitates production and, above all, the recycling and end of life of the product. The design of Nontalo, the name they have chosen for their stool, goes much further, as it also offers many possibilities, becoming a system that combines two types of pieces to generate multiple versions.