Window dressing

The challenge

Mango is looking for sustainable solutions and new materials for their window dressing projects and they visit our studio. From this meeting arose the idea of working with Reolivar Air and developing a project for the new shop on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

The solution

After months of ideation and prototyping, we arrived at the final solution consisting of discs suspended on columns that imitate the organic movement of schools of fish. More than 1500 pieces produced by hand, one by one, in a semi-industrial scaling process capable of giving each one its own personality. Natural dyes are used to create a range of autumnal colours based on the fashion collection to be presented. The golden touch of the olive pits would give the final texture to the pieces. The installation was set up to coincide with New York Fashion Week. When its function is finished, it can be reused in another shop, recycled to create other pieces or left in the compost to biodegrade without leaving a trace, just food.


Dihué Miguens